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All classes are held on Tuesday evenings at Rengstorff Park (behind the Recreation Building/Community Center). Class sessions are 8 weeks, 1 class per week, and each class is 1 hour in length.

The fee for an 8 week session is $90.

The following classes are offered:


General Information

Classes are not held in inclement weather, but there will be a total of 8 classes. Missed classes cannot be made up.

All dogs are welcome. However, they must have ALL SHOTS and be at least 4 months old. Children 12 to 16 may train their dogs, but only if they are able to control the dog and at least one parent is in attendance. Exceptions for children under 12 may be made after instructor evaluation. If the child cannot control the dog, then the attending parent must take over. If your dog becomes unruly or exhibits vicious behavior to people or other dogs, you may be asked to leave. Also, if an owner mistreats his or her dog, the owner may be asked to leave.

You must preregister for the classes since the class size is limited.  Click here for a New Student Registration Form.

Call 650-562-3428 for class times.

Refund policy: If you can not attend the session after you have registered, you must notify us BEFORE the first class in order to receive a full refund. If you choose not to continue after the first class and you notify us before the second class, you will be charged for one class and the balance will be refunded.


Beginning Obedience Class

Beginning Class consists of on-leash work. Leashes should be 6-feet long. No chain or Flexi-leads are allowed. Leather is recommended, but nylon is acceptable. You and your dog will learn basic obedience. Your dog will learn attention, sit, lie down, come, and heel on command. There will be an opportunity to socialize your dog; questions are always welcome.


Advanced Novice Obedience Class

Advanced Novice Class consists of refinement of on-leash and off-leash work and you will work at your own level and speed. Completion of a Beginning class is required. This class prepares you to start obedience competition with your dog, if you choose.


Open Class

Open Class is limited to 6 to 8 dogs. Most people in this class are participating in competition events with their dogs. Completion of an Advanced Novice class is required. This class begins at 8:00 and is offered only if a sufficient number of people register.


Conformation Class

This class is for people planning to show their dog in the conformation ring. It is open to all breeds, including mixed breeds, and is open to handlers ranging in skill level from beginners to professionals. This class is drop-in only. The cost is $10 per class.