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About Us


West Valley Dog Training Club (WVDTC) members come from all walks of life, but they all share their love of dogs and dog training. Our monthly meetings are an opportunity to share brags and problems we may be having with our dogs, and to make new friends.

Objectives of WVDTC

  • Promote training to make dogs good citizens
  • Bring mutual enjoyment in the dog-human relationship
  • Encourage dog owners to prepare their dogs for competition
  • Enhance the obedience-trained dog image in the public eye
  • Encourage members to develop their potential as training instructors
  • Support organizations that involve dogs to serve humanity

How to Become a Member of WVDTC

  • Attend two club meetings held monthly at a local restaurant.
  • Then let us know if you are interested in membership. As a member you will enjoy our Annual Fun Day with our dogs (usually in September) and the Annual Awards Dinner in January.